History of The Guesthouse

In 2007, Dacian Halt, a local company, had constructed a building near their headquarters, intending it to be a three star boarding house. The idea turned into this guesthouse in Costesti village, county of Hunedoara, near Sarmizegetusa Regia touristic area.
The Dacian Halt Company was founded in October 1996 and started out as a family business. However, the ‘family’ has now progressed into a team, with an additional ten employees joining them.

Currently the company owns a bakery, a grocery store, a hostel and a bar in Costesti, and since 2013 a new guesthouse in Mountain Gradistea.

What we want is for our work to increase tourist interest towards our village and the Oraistiei Mountains area.
Costesti village, situated at the foot of the Dacian fortresses Sarmisegetusa, Blidaru and Little Costesti, is in the same place where some of the oldest human settlements in Europe have been discovered.

Our Dacian ancestors believed these places to be sacred, living here more than 2000 years ago; and indeed, there are only a few places left one can find peace and see the beauty around the ancient Dacian fortresses.

Surrounded by a magnificent landscape, having resources for exploitation of ancient past, Costesti village is a landmark where Romanians and foreigners will spend wonderful moments together and will leave as friends.

Dacian Halt is a financially stable company, with efficient management and improving results every year. The profits are invested in modernization and further development towards the services we provide. We are proud that our executive staff is the same since 1996, and it is, with the experience accumulated over this period of time, being very useful in decision-making.

We can accommodate all your needs!

Those of you interested in adventure will be provided with a comfortable and clean place to stay. Tourists can satisfy their need for adventure by hiking in the mountains to the Dacian fortresses or towards other objectives of this beautiful land or doing bike rides, camp fires and much, much more.

Elderly people searching for some time away from the urban noise can find the peace and relaxation of the Sureanu Mountains` area, where the Dacian Halt is located.

History enthusiasts will be provided with a guide that will give all the information about what and where to visit, road trips being possible by foot or by a safe and comfortable jeep.

Hunters and fishers will find in this area not only a great way to practice their hobbies, but also a place to check in and enjoy their pray, which can be prepared in the pension`s kitchen.

Families with children will find in Dacian Halt a place where all members can forget the everyday stress of life. We have a specially designed playground for children, with swings and toys, generous green space, and for the older ones bike rides, campfires and fun games.

Choose the Dacian Halt in Costesti or Gradiste and we will be waiting for you with opening arms, kindness and a hot meal!