Visit Blidaru Costesti Fortress

Here you will see highly expressive twisted thick and thin old trees. 
Take a 1.5L water bottle with you if you are hiking with a friend for there is no water in Blidaru. You will see the citadel immediately after going through the second clearing, the one surrounded by a wooden fence, past the forest. 
The fortress was built in two major stages. It has some storage rooms, four defense towers and an outside water tank. Inside you will find a particularly ingenuous input at that time: the enemy entered through the first tower and was forced against a wall to turn right, where the Dacian soldiers waited. Blidaru was considered the military school where Dacians prepared their soldiers. 
Take some food with you before leaving the guesthouse shop. After visiting the city you can sit at the wood table under the beech to have lunch and to peacefully contemplate the landscape. 

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All Orastiei Dacian Fortresses are part of UNESCO world heritage. 
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