Visit Costesti Cetatuie Fortress

Costesti Fortress in Orastiei Mountains is one part in the chain of fortresses surrounding Sarmizegetusa. From Dacian Halt in Costesti you will reach it after 45 minutes walk.

From guesthouse in Gradiste the road is longer, but if you go by car you will get there in 20 minutes (on foot the walk takes a few hours). 
You can drive right to the entrance of the city and reach it faster this way, but using the car means losing all the beauty of hiking. 
Right behind the Dacian Halt in Costesti you will cross a small footbridge over the ancient creek Sargetia. Then turn left and follow the river to the gendarmerie station. The main road junction between the paths leading to the fortress and to Blidaru is your landmark. You will see the “Towards Costesti Fortress” indicator in the proximity. From that spot you walk about 30 minutes to the old city. 
Come back to the village from Dacian Halt in Costesti and cross the footbridge over ancient Sargetia. Reach the first intersection and you will find a pointer towards the city. From that place you walk about 30 minutes to the old city. 
The fortress was built on a crest at 514 meters altitude and includes four sanctuaries and two tower-houses. Here you can see the now famous “murus dacicus” – the Dacian technique of building three meters thick walls – the 2000 years old steps and an ancient drain. This is the only place where we can still find an example of “murus dacicus”. The wall is covered for preservation. 
From the old city hill you may enjoy the sight of the Gradistea Valley and the west lands` peaceful landscapes. Visiting the fortress takes more than one hour if you wish to sit inside the shrines and contemplate the history of these places. Pay attention! The sanctuaries are on three different levels: two are located on the lower terrace, one in middle and one in the back. 
Take some water with you when you go hiking as there are no sources of water on the old city hill. 
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All Orastiei Dacian Fortresses are part of UNESCO world heritage.
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