Visit Densus Church

Densuş is a special and unique church in Romania. It is 50 km away from the Costesti village. Once you have reached Upper Orastioara turn left towards the Small Circumvolution and follow the signs. You will reach Densuş in about 60 minutes. 
From Haţeg take the road to Ulpia Traiana. Turn right towards Densuş before you have reached the former capital of the Roman province of occupied Dacia at Toteşti. Sarmisegetusa is about ten kilometers away from Haţeg. 
The spectacular church seems to be a miniature stone toy. It is like a child played with some stones dreaming of becoming an architect. Nicolae Iorga called it “unequaled in all Romanian people`s churches”.  “The architects” were actually the peasants who built the church using stolen material from Sarmisegetusa Ulpia Traiana thus mocking the Roman conquest. 
Densuş church is built over an ancient temple. A Roman general was buried here. Columns with capitals and bases in different styles served as buttresses. Two lions are basically “glued” to the North East side of the altar. Church`s interior resembles the smallest peasant house room. 
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