Visit Fetele Albe Fortress

White Faces (Fetele Albe) seems to have been a solely religious 2000 years old place belonging to priestesses. It is separated from the capital of Dacia – Sarmizegetusa Regia – by a narrow valley. They say that the priestesses formed the future spiritual landmarks of the Dacian kingdom in this “city school.” 
You can tell that White Faces was led and managed only by women only by observing the careful trimming of the limestone blocks. 
On each terrace in the area you can still see many traces of civilian settlements. 
• You will easily reach White Faces as Dacian Halt in Gradistea de Munte village is two steps away. Go towards Sarmizegetusa Regia for 1.5 – 2km. Find the “White Girls” pointer written in blue letters on the left side as you are climbing. 

• From Dacian Halt – Costesti you should drive or walk about ten km to the power plant, and then another 1.5-2 km on the sylvan road to Sarmisegetusa to get to the “White Girls” indicator. At that point you can start climbing to the city. 
Next to the pointer you will see a pile of wooden canes. Choose one, it will help you climb. The climb starts with a very steep slope. The first part of the path is difficult. After passing over a small creek it becomes smoother. Watch your step because the path is narrow in many places. Do not forget to leave the cane back on the pile where you found it. It will be also useful for other tourists. 
Some say the way to White Faces is an initiation one. The forest won`t show you the way unless you are of good faith. The walk from the city to the indicator might take about 30 minutes. You will pass through a dry forest of an overwhelming sadness. After reaching the end of it you will enjoy the warmth of the sun and the old city sight.  

Sadly White Faces Fortress has the worse maintenance in the area but this doesn`t make it less charming.       
If you left the car at the power plant and walked down the sylvan road you can go farther. Once you have reached the city you can descend on the other side. The path goes through a household yard with welcoming people. The downhill trail ends near the power plant where you left your car. 
All Orastiei Dacian Fortresses are part of UNESCO world heritage.
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